Prophetic Language ✝️


This is a list of some of the Prophetic Language our father uses.

Our father has hidden many things throughout scripture, using His secret language…

from the Kingdom of Heaven and used throughout the Bible.

Only the children of our father, will understand it.

For then will I turn to the people a pure language, that they may all call upon the name of the Lord, to serve him with one consent.

Zephaniah 3:9

The correct name for our father is YHVH = Ya ha vah

This name should be respected and exalted…

You should only use his name while in prayer or worship…

The correct name for Jesus is Yahshua = Ya shoo ah

My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me:

John 10:27

Yahweh uses pictures, symbols, mathematics, parables, proverbs, songs and poetry to paint a picture.

This leaves no room for misinterpretation.

Word and Meaning

Alter – Sacrifice

Angel – Messenger

Blood – Life

Book – Knowledge

Bread – The Gospel see

Breath – The Holy Spirit

Bronze – Mede Persia

Clay – Israel

Clouds – Humanity, the throne of Yahshua throughout the earth, Royal Kings and Priests

Dead – Those unsaved and Dead in their sin

Door – Entrance, access

Earth – Kingdom of Man, Subordinates

Eden – The Whole Universe Emerald – Newness, freshness

Feed – Teach the word

Fire – Spirit of YaHUaH, the Holy Spirit

Flock – Followers of Yahshua

Gentiles – Romans, descendants of Japheth

Gold – Babylon

Harvest – People wanting to hear the word and Truth

Heaven – Authority

Hills – Cities of Israel

Horn – King or Kingdom

Hunger – Need the Gospel, Salvation, Righteousness

Husbandman – God, YaHUaH

Iron – Rome, Gentiles

Israel – The Descendants of Shem, scattered

Jasper Stone – you Yahshua and his Kingdom

Labourer – Teachers Lambs – Young believers, New Converts

Lampstand – Church

Lime – Democracy

Living – Those that are Saved and dead to sin

Living water – All Scripture, Living Word

Man – Intelligence, technology

Meat/Solid food – The Whole Bible and the Secrets and mysteries of YaHUaH

Milk – Knowledge only of the Gospel, no other scripture

Moon – Moon God Baal, Kalfu, Abuk, Ata, Yoruba, Ala, Allah, Selene, Diana, Roman Catholics & Islam, fertilty, 25th December, magic arts, huntresss

Mountains – Royal Priests of Israel

Naked – Exposed, open about your beliefs

North – Kingdom of light, Righteousness

Plant – Spread the Gospel

Potter – The Creator

Rainbow – Covenant, Promise

Repent – Turn away from sin, turn to the Cross

Rivers – Specific Family Town, descendants of Shem, Ham and Japheth

Scroll – Scripture

Sea – Combined families, all People’s, languages, Nation’s

Seed – Descendants

Sheep – Followers of Yahshua

Shepherd – Priest, Teacher of the word

Silver – Greece Sleep – Physical Death

Smoke –

Solding Stone – YaHUaH and his Kingdom

South – Kingdom of darkness

Spirit of YaHUaH – Holy Angel

Star – Angel Sun – Kingdom of Righteousness, YaHUaH

Temple – Child of God, filled with the Holy Spirit

Tent – Human Body The Body – The Church of believers in Christ

The Enemy – Satan, descendants of Ham

Thirst – Need the Word of our father

Tone – Kingdom

Trumpet – Warning, Alert

Valleys – The Lost Tribes of Israel

Vineyard – Church Water – People, families

West – Negative, sea, Positive, Tabernacle and the Temple

Wine – The word

Wolves – The Enemy, descendants of Ham

Woman – City

In writing that is not a parable, proverb or prophecy the words can be taken literally.

Next time you read the word, take notice and see if you understand differently.

Enjoy ✝️❤️🔥

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