Blessings ❤️


You inspire me to write, of all that you do.

The Blessings you give, and take from us too.

You teach us to look after,all that we hold.

Our family – the gift,that’s more precious than gold.

If we take things for granted, you take them away.

Then give them straight back to us, when we learn your Holy way.

The discipline you give to us, comes with a Loving hand,

To reach the goal with you,together –

in the Promised land…

Published by Shadeii (Big Momma) 🦋

My name is Shadeii, but my friends and family call me Big Momma... I am a 51 year old mother of 5 wonderful Adult children... I am a Royal Priestess in the Kingdom of God... Annointed by the Holy Spirit, to share the word of God and His Love, with the lost and broken people of the world 🙏❤️✝️

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