Baby ❤️



Big rosy cheeks on,
a chubby little face.
When you entered into this world,
I saw a life, so full of Grace.

Tiny little fingers,
dainty tiny nose.
angelic and heavenly smile,
when you wriggle up your toes.

Quiet and simple sounds,
that you make when your asleep.
You close your eyes so tightly,
and drift away without a peep.

You suckle your milk so hungrily,
when you wake before the dawn.
you look at me with those deep blue eyes,
and then look away with a sleepy yawn.

Published by Shadeii (Big Momma) 🦋

My name is Shadeii, but my friends and family call me Big Momma... I am a 51 year old mother of 5 wonderful Adult children... I am a Royal Priestess in the Kingdom of God... Annointed by the Holy Spirit, to share the word of God and His Love, with the lost and broken people of the world 🙏❤️✝️

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