Princess ❤️



It’s a special bond that spans the years,
Through Laughter, Loving, Smiles and Tears.
A sense of trust that can’t be broken,
A depth of love sometimes unspoken.

A lifelong friendship built on sharing,
Hugs and kisses, warmth and caring.
Mother and Daughter, their hearts as one,
A link that can never, be undone.

Published by Shadeii (Big Momma) 🦋

My name is Shadeii, but my friends and family call me Big Momma... I am a 51 year old mother of 5 wonderful Adult children... I am a Royal Priestess in the Kingdom of God... Annointed by the Holy Spirit, to share the word of God and His Love, with the lost and broken people of the world 🙏❤️✝️

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