Our Team 🌍

We are a small team of talented artists with a wide range of skills and experience.

We Love what we do, and we do it with passion.

In all that we do we glorify our father in Heaven.

We look forward to sharing our work with you.

Each contributor other than myself, speaks different African dialects and includes their writing in both English and their own languages.

Our Family


Shadeii – Big Momma

Writer – Poet – Teacher

My name is Shadeii or Big Momma
I live in Melbourne – Victoria.

In the country of Australia.

I am 51 years old.

My 1st and foremost Love in life in life, is our Heavenly father and his Son.

I try my hardest to include them both, in everything I do and place them above all else.

I hope to glorify them in all my work and endeavour to put every teaching from scripture to practice everyday.

I believe that we as believers are part of one body in Christ and that each member has unique gifts and different functions.

Each of us has a unique purpose in our lives, the goal in life is to find it, embrace it and utilise it.

Loving, supporting, encouraging, teaching, singing, dancing, painting, drawing, cooking, cleaning, visiting, listening, speaking, writing, driving, creating, budgeting, preaching, something…

I oversee this website and take complete and total responsibility for everything posted.

If there are any errors, inconsistencies, false information or any other issues, please contact me to discuss them and I will do everything in my power to rectify the problem.

Email me: @shadeiibigmomma1969

Patrick Chirwa

Writer and Messenger

Am Patrick Chirwa
I live at the City of Blantyre. In the country of Malawi.

I am 19 years old

Our Father YaHUaH chose me to share gospel, to guide my fellow young ones, to glorify his name
To encourage Christ life.


Ndine Patrick Chirwa

Ndimakhara Ku Malawi
Mu nzinda wa Blantyre

Ndili ndi dzaka 19

Mulungu anandisakha kut ndi ndigawe uthenga wabwino
Ndyang’anire azanga achichepere
Ndilimbikitse chi Christy

Email me: @darkhorseman2001

Mavuto George Chome

Writer and Prayer Warrior

I am George Chome

A Malawian
Born in Mulanje District
Live in Blantyre city

Am 24 years of age

God chose me to encourage brothers and sisters about Good news from Holy Bible.


Ine ndi George Chome

Ndine Malawi
Ndinabadwira m boma la Mulanje
Ndimakhala mu mdzinda wa Blantyre

Ndili ndi dzaka 24

Mulungu anandisankha kukhala munthu wolimbikitsa abale ndi alongo za mawu opatulika ndiwo mawu a Mulungu

Email me: @georgechomy76

John Nicky

Web designing and video production


My name is John Nicky,

I am 19 years old,

I am from Nigeria

I am a video producer and do online marketing.

I have a great passion for God and because of that I dedicate some of my time sharing the words of God with my fellow Brethren through different social media platform and creating YouTube videos ( Godly videos) to enlighten my fellow Brethren about God.


Oruko mi ni John Nicky,

Omo odun 19 ni mi,

Mo wa lati orilẹ-ede Naijiria

Mo jẹ olupilẹṣẹ fidio kan ati ṣe titaja ori ayelujara.

Mo ni ifẹ pupọ fun Ọlọrun ati nitori yẹn ni mo ya diẹ ninu akoko mi pinpin awọn ọrọ ti Ọlọrun pẹlu brethen ẹlẹgbẹ mi nipasẹ oriṣiriṣi oriṣi awujọ awujọ awujọ ati ṣiṣẹda awọn fidio YouTube (awọn fidio Ọlọrun) lati tan imọlẹ si ẹlẹgbẹ ẹlẹgbẹ mi nipa Ọlọrun.

Email me: @ajanwebdevelopment

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